Cutting machine

Messer Multi Therm 2600

  • Working width 1500mm
  • Working length 3000mm
  • Gas cutting 200mm
  • Positioning speed maximum 20.000 mm/minute
  • Cutting speed maximum 12.000 mm/minut

HPR 260 High-performance fine beam plasma

  • Carbon steel 1,5-32 mm
    Perforating maximum 32 mm.
  • Stainless 1,5-30 mm
    Perforating maximum 30 mm.
  • Aluminium 1,5-40 mm 
    Perforating maximum 30 mm.
  • 100% intermitten at 260 A cut.

Cutting machine. Water cutter Byett 4022

  • Working width 2250 mm
  • Working length 4050mm
  • Amount of cutting nozzles: 2
  • Cutting speed: maximum 6.000mm/minut
  • Unit for drilling in delicate materials (i.e. laminate)
  • Cutting depth 350 mm




Major order from the U.S
SITAB in Söderfors have received an order for 27 heat exchangers. The heat exchangers will be used in the US paper industry.

SITAB acquires Sörehalls Mekaniska
SITAB in Sandviken is expanding and has purchased Sörehalls in Söderfors. The businesses complement one another with Sörehalls working within a smaller segment with lesser dimensions and weights than SITAB.

We have our finger on the pulse of industry
In our modern and well equipped workshop we can perform what few others can within the field of lifting technology and thicker steel materials. Our brake press has a force of 540 tonnes x 3100 mm.