Drugpolicy for SITAB

For the purpose of maintaining and developing our company's future competitiveness and to support a good and safe working environment, SITAB aim is for a drug-free workplace.

SITAB shall be a sober and drug-free workplace. This means a ban on the non-medical use of illegal substances by any employee. The consumption of alcohol should be kept to a reasonable and discrete level.

It is the responsibility of all employees to work towards increased safety, efficiency and good working environment through prevention of abuse of alcohol and/or narcotics. All employees are obligated to report any suspected case of drug abuse in the workplace.

Through information, education and consistent action from SITAB, alcohol and drug abuse will be prevented. Drug tests are performed in order to ensure that the drug policy is being followed. The action programme for this policy must be followed up on an ongoing basis.


Sandviken in January 2007
Sten-Åke Holmström

Major order from the U.S
SITAB in Söderfors have received an order for 27 heat exchangers. The heat exchangers will be used in the US paper industry.

SITAB acquires Sörehalls Mekaniska
SITAB in Sandviken is expanding and has purchased Sörehalls in Söderfors. The businesses complement one another with Sörehalls working within a smaller segment with lesser dimensions and weights than SITAB.

We have our finger on the pulse of industry
In our modern and well equipped workshop we can perform what few others can within the field of lifting technology and thicker steel materials. Our brake press has a force of 540 tonnes x 3100 mm.